Kamal Khurana is celebrated nationwide as a psychological counsellor, spiritual mentor, transformational consultant, and a visionary guide. Kamal is known for his delightful humor and unique skill of quickly turning psychological difficulties into a healthier life flow. He is well acknowledged for facilitating personal and creative growth, and the transformational leadership capability that resides within every individual.

Kamal inspires consciousness around his belief that, as human beings, “We are all blessed and endowed with inner self to live life fully.” Kamal insists that we all must totally rely on our inner self in order to take most true, personally satisfying decisions that are backed by well-thought and well-analysed decisions. Kamal’s work has been published in most of the magazines and newspapers amongst all experts in his field of work.

Because of his unique style, Kamal’s expertise is sought not only throughout the nation but all over the world now, helping both individuals, couples, families and organizations signficantly improve their experience & abilities to out-perform at great levels. And he does this by opening up and connecting people with their inner self.

Kamal’s extensive experience in uplifting inner self began as early as 24 years of age; he established his profound integrity at this young age & continued walking along this transformational path to help individuals find their inner selves. Kamal’s legacy is continued by many psychologists who are associated with him in his pursuits and also those who have their own careers by now in counselling and guidance.

Kamal attended the University Master’s Degree and Post Graduates in Psychology. He has been enthusiastic about learning both western and eastern schools of mind sciences. He has been always inquisitive student and this lead him to study variety of subjects he studied beyond psychology like management, commerce and electronics for which he has received formal education as well. He is a member of a pioneer institute in the field of psychotherapy.
When not on the work guiding, Kamal is on his passionate pursuit of learning, meditating and growing every day. In his spare time, he enjoys playing with his kids, music and food. Kamal loves everything about Himalayas, and spends time there every year !