Dear Client,

The question that I receive almost every time in my practice is ‘How can I change my life ? How do I heal a broken heart ? How can I be happy ? How can i get over the obstacles in my life ? How do i forget the past ? How do I connect to the purpose of my life ? How can i live the life of my choice ?
I too had all these questions when i began my journey. And following my quest i was lucky to meet the masters from all over the world. Some of these masters i met in person and some in books. But the most authentic ones guided me to look into my own inner self. And none really taught me how to look into this inner self. Only today i realise that they were all correct in their approach of teaching me. To be able to help others find their answers i had to look into my own inner self. And i was fortunate to find the way. And here i am to help you connect to your inner self. Trust me it is very easy. But there is a catch when i say “It’s easy”. The catch is that you need to leave all your doubts behind when you move into the inner self. I am always there to clear all your doubts until you are willing to walk on this road. I promise to use my best skill to personally guide you and mentor you in personal consultation.

In our time spent together, I will make you capable of understanding the reasons behind the issues, deal with the obstacles and help you craft a life of your own choice. We do this by first looking at – Where you are today. This will help me to create the roadmap towards success, overcome all the limitations, and get you a fulfilled life immediately.

Once you see it working for yourself, i will handhold you, till you start to live as you have always wanted. For all this, appointments are available over the phone and in person as well, but only on a limited basis.

I would love to be of assistance.

Take Care,



“How do I prepare for my appointment?”

It can be great help if you write down – your present concern ( in 50 words), what you want for yourself ( in few words ) , what you don’t want ( few words ) and all your questions and have them ready with you.  So you will not forget important things that you may want to know.


“Is a phone appointment similar to an in person appointment?”

Way back, when i used to work just as a typical psychologist for over a decade, i realised that i am not game for a year long conventional style of therapy. I witnessed my work becoming clearer and precise. And now I believe that transformation can happen in a minute. Ofcourse there is a whole lot of science in action at the hindsight. With in-person appointment, I am able to focus on emotions that i am able to read through my eyes, much more than the voice over the phone. Also i don’t have to worry whether my client is in a condusive environment, whether that environment adds to the scope for transformation or not, are there some apprehensions or understanding or not etc, etc…


“Where can i get an in person appointment?”   I work differently. You can choose to come at my personal chamber in New Delhi or even choose any calmer place of your choice. I am open to any venue nationally or internationally as per mutual comfort. Ofcourse, if it is away from New Delhi, the boarding and lodging has to be paid for, by you.