How do i stop thinking too much

How do i stop thinking too much

Kamal is a psychologist in India who recommends following facts you must know if you really want to stop thinking too much :

Mind thinks and it is a favorite pass time of the mind to think

It is a fundamental tool needed for the existence of your indentity

If the mind ceases to think, actually your identity ceases to exist

But it is important to know who you really are and what is identity in true sense.

Ceasing the thinking in the mind does not mean that you won’t be acting or doing daily chores.

It means that you get away from unnecessary worrying while meeting the objective of the day as expected of you

This is an art which needs to be first known and then mastered.

Kamal has developed his own unique way to achieve the neutral state of the mind where the mind is used for the right purpose in the right way and then you can achieve your full potential