“How do I prepare for my appointment?”

It can be great help if you write down – your present concern ( in 50 words), what you want for yourself ( in few words ) , what you don’t want ( few words ) and all your questions and have them ready with you.  So you will not forget important things that you may want to know.

“Is a phone appointment similar to an in person appointment?”

Way back, when i used to work just as a typical psychologist for over a decade, i realised that i am not game for a year long conventional style of therapy. I witnessed that my work becoming clearer and precise. And now I believe that transformation can happen in a minute. Ofcourse there is a whole lot of science in action at the hindsight. With in-person appointment, I am able to focus on emotions that i am able to read through my eyes, much more than the voice over the phone. Also i don’t have to worry whether my client is in a condusive environment, whether that environment adds to the scope for transformation or not, are there some apprehensions or understanding or not etc, etc…

“Where can i get an in person appointment?”

I work differently. You can choose to come at my personal chamber in New Delhi or even choose any calmer place of your choice. I am open to any venue nationally or internationally as per mutual comfort. Ofcourse, if it is away from New Delhi, the boarding and lodging has to be paid for, by you.