Child counseling is a process where we promote healthy psychological growth of the child by ensuring that the child understands life through his own experiences getting the due parental guidance. We work at the psychological orientation of the child and also deal with the anxieties of the parents. Although our emphasis is on the individual therapy for the child, but at the same time we ensure that the parents too have the right perspective of the situation, such that they play the needed role as our team. Our process includes family therapy as well.

I recommend that you must speak to me and share your situation briefly over the phone. Doing so, you will get to know the complete step by step process on how I will go about solving your specific concern. And then you can take your own time to decide. I assure you with utmost care during this phone talk and at all the times ahead. We assure that utmost confidentiality will be maintained. I will surely help bring positivity in your life.

God Bless and take care