Family Counseling is a process where I help you to figure out the deeper reasons that cause the differences between all the family members. This awareness will make it easy for you to work on the actual problem and not just the surfacing discord. I will also work on the communication and problem solving mechanism thereby making a team out of all the family members. I will also make you all focus on other’s concept of love, affection, appreciation and acknowledgement . Of course before all this is done, I help you all to heal each other’s past hurt.

I recommend that you must speak to me and share your situation briefly over the phone. Doing so, you will get to know the complete step by step process on how I will go about solving your specific concern. And then you can take your own time to decide. I assure you with utmost care during this phone talk and at all the times ahead. We assure that utmost confidentiality will be maintained.
I will surely help bring positivity in your life.

God Bless and take care