Hello Friend,

Thanks for reaching me out.


Pre Marriage Counseling is a process where I help you to figure out the deeper reasons that cause the differences between you and your partner. This awareness will make it easy for both of you to work on the actual problem and not just the surfacing discord. I will also work on your communication and problem solving mechanism thereby making a team out of the two of you. I will also make you focus on other’s concept of love. Ofcourse before all this is done, I help you both to heal each other’s past hurt.

I recommend that you must speak to me and share your situation briefly over the phone. Doing so, you will get to know the complete step by step process on how I will go about solving your specific concern. And then you can take your own time to decide. I assure you with utmost care during this phone talk and at all the times ahead. We assure that utmost confidentiality will be maintained.
I will surely help bring positivity in your life.

God Bless and take care


Some specific areas that i can help you resolve are –[/wr_text][wr_accordion div_margin_top=”0″ div_margin_bottom=”25″ disabled_el=”no” css_suffix=”” btn_convert=”” el_title=”” copy_style_from=”0″ initial_open=”1″ multi_open=”no” filter=”no” appearing_animation=”0″ appearing_animation_speed=”Medium” id_wrapper=”” div_margin=”” div_margin_left=”0″ div_margin_right=”0″ ][wr_item_accordion heading=”Accordion Item 1″ icon=”” tag=”” disabled_el=”no” ]Lorem mauris consectetur sagittis elit vel sed ut eleifend auctor elit hendrerit volutpat curabitur purus sapien laoreet blandit non congue venenatis lacus eu nec lacinia blandit nec laoreet ut ipsum quisque lorem venenatis dictum amet nec volutpat elit dolor ornare dolor vel dictum venenatis elit adipiscing consectetur eleifend blandit adipiscing[/wr_item_accordion][wr_item_accordion heading=”Accordion Item 2″ icon=”” tag=”” disabled_el=”no” ]Lorem quis mauris nec quisque purus sit imperdiet velit dictum quisque sed volutpat congue adipiscing nunc volutpat ut non nunc a pretium ut ipsum auctor eros sapien eleifend quis sapien volutpat nec elit eros hendrerit curabitur lacus lacinia ut eu consectetur proin ut purus hendrerit vel gravida vel ut laoreet[/wr_item_accordion][/wr_accordion][/wr_column][/wr_row][wr_item_accordion heading=”Doubts ” disabled_el=”no” ]Lorem vel gravida ornare elit mauris velit vel non sagittis sagittis consectetur sapien congue quisque quis libero libero praesent gravida porttitor laoreet pretium lacus blandit imperdiet nullam sagittis eleifend sagittis mauris eleifend dictum accumsan sapien massa volutpat sagittis volutpat amet auctor lorem porttitor nec sit lacinia ipsum non consectetur praesent[/wr_item_accordion][wr_item_accordion heading=”Right Match / Perfect partner” disabled_el=”no” ]Lorem porttitor nec lacus sapien praesent adipiscing amet ut curabitur accumsan non ipsum laoreet adipiscing vel odio molestie lorem sit amet sit eros eros sit lorem venenatis massa adipiscing sit lacinia accumsan non eu purus hendrerit pretium curabitur eleifend eros imperdiet adipiscing orci adipiscing proin quis lacus curabitur mauris ornare[/wr_item_accordion][wr_item_accordion heading=”Incompatibility” disabled_el=”no” ]Lorem venenatis mauris porttitor nullam purus elit eu eleifend quisque odio hendrerit sed sapien libero imperdiet eros odio dictum adipiscing eu ornare lacus a nec ornare nullam congue sit amet purus sagittis hendrerit dictum vel hendrerit eleifend eros praesent dolor purus lacinia dictum eleifend eros blandit massa sapien sit venenatis[/wr_item_accordion][wr_item_accordion heading=”Infidelity ” ]Infidelity[/wr_item_accordion][wr_item_accordion heading=”In-laws” disabled_el=”no” ]Lorem a congue lacus velit accumsan eu eleifend amet consectetur dolor proin hendrerit blandit blandit eros curabitur consectetur praesent sagittis dictum sed nec auctor nunc quis ornare proin quisque praesent gravida eu dolor ipsum dolor hendrerit gravida orci ornare purus nunc imperdiet quisque sagittis adipiscing accumsan sed congue eros volutpat[/wr_item_accordion][wr_item_accordion heading=”Money / Finance related issues” disabled_el=”no” ]

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